Diamond Heart Book III

Diamond Heart Book III

Being and the Meaning of Life

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Discusses in detail the issues and understandings involved in actually shifting the personal identity from personality to Essence. This is not an abstract or esoteric work, but a useful exploration of specific personal issues faced by students in the process of self-realization. How do you know that the knowledge you get from others is the truth? How do you know that your teachers, or even the great philosophers, have the answer that is appropriate for you? Christ says to love your neighbor. Do you really know that that is what you need to do? Buddha says that enlightenment is the best thing. How do you know that is what you need?


The Flame of the Search
Are You Here?
Who Am I?
The Chasm
Essence and the Ego Ideal
Disidentification and Involvement
Supporting Self-Realization
The Dilemma of Boundaries
Reacting, Being, and Doing
Humanness, Vulnerability and Being

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