Diamond Heart Book IV

Diamond Heart Book IV

Indestructible Innocence

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Talks on the topics of spiritual maturity and non-conceptual reality. Describes the understanding and practices needed for the integration of spiritual insight and experience into one's life. A view of understanding the basic unity of reality, and brings forth the issues involved when this understanding of unity confronts the egocentric and isolated perspectives of the personality. One of the greatest puzzles for the serious student of spiritual disciplines arises from the encounter with the realm of pure awareness, usually accompanied by a perception of emptiness of the self or of the world previously seen as solid. Here there is great wonderment, and sometimes concern. What does this insight mean about the world of forms? What does it mean about the spiritual world, and about the realm of Essence?


Clarification of Personality
Being and the Search
Human Maturity
Maturity and Truth
The Integrated Human Being
Oneness and Human Life
Realization of Absence
Bare Bottoms on Ice
The Creative Now
The Two Realities
The Courageous Heart
Our Knowledge is the World We Live
Inside and Outside
Concepts and Thinkin
Physical Reality and Nonconceptual Reality
The Universal Mind

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