Facets of Unity

Facets of Unity

The Enneagram of Holy Ideas

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Presents the Enneagram of Holy Ideas as a unique view of reality offering valuable insight to those on the spiritual path. Here we are not directed toward the psychological types but the higher spiritual realities they reflect. We discover how the disconnection from each Holy Idea leads to the development of its corresponding fixation, thus realizing each type's deeper psychological core. Understanding this core brings each of the Holy Ideas within reach, so its spiritual perspective can serve as a key for unlocking the fixation and freeing us from its limitations.

Part One: Perspective

A Brief History of the Enneagram
Overview of the Holy Ideas
The Diamond Approach and the Holy Ideas

Part Two: Living Daylight and Basic Trust

Basic Trust
Living Daylight
The Holding Environment
Loving Light and the Beast
The Real World
The Holy Ideas and Basic Trust

Part Three: Working with the Holy Ideas

Orientation to the Holy Ideas
Holy Truth
Holy Omniscience
Holy Transparency
Holy Will
Holy Freedom
Holy Perfection
Holy Wisdom
Holy Work
Holy Plan
Holy Origin
Holy Love
Holy Strength
Holy Faith
Holy Harmony
Holy Law
Holy Hope

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