Inner Journey Home

Inner Journey Home

Soul's Realization of the Unity of Reality

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This book presents the larger view of the Diamond Approach® to Self-realization, its metaphysical underpinnings, its overall structure, and its metapsychology.

From the Preface by the Author:

"As a human individual I am the author of this book, but not the source of the teaching presented in it. The real source of the teaching is the true nature of Reality, the essence of our soul and what ultimately we are, the elixir that alone can transform our consciousness and life. By writing and publishing this book, and the others before it, I am fulfilling a facet of my personal function as a discriminating and expressive organ, and an appreciative servant, of this wonderful and magnificent truth of Reality."

From the Introduction by the Author:

"...our discoveries come from a systematic investigation of the nature of reality starting with the direct knowing of the nature of self or soul. This revelation inevitably leads, as is known in all authentic spiritual and philosophical traditions, to an understanding of the nature of the cosmos and the nature of Being or the divine.""Our investigation has engendered a largely original description of the soul, involving a detailed description of the actual phenomenological nature of the soul as well as a description of how the soul's development creates the structures that come to be known as the self. We connect this understanding in the footnotes and appendices with detailed comparisons and references to modern and traditional notions of self and soul."

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