Pearl Beyond Price

Pearl Beyond Price

Integration of Personality into Being: An Object-Relations Approach

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Book One - The Nature of the Pearl Beyond Price 

  • The Personal Essence: The Man of Spirit and the Man of the World; Being and Ego
  • The Discovery of Personal Essence: Autonomy; Beingness; The Personal Element; Contact
  • The Essential Person: Personal Essence and the Man of the World; Personal Essence in Legends and Fairy Tales; Personal Essence and the Man of Spirit; Personal Essence in Spiritual Traditions
  • Personal Essence and Ego Development: Maturity, Ego and Personal Essence; Being and Functioning; Personal Essence and Object Relations Theory; The Metabolism of Experience; Personal Essence and Ego Functions

Book Two - The Realization of the Pearl Beyond Price

  • Inner Evolution: Enlightenment; The Diamond Approach
  • Personal Essence and the Process of Separation-Individuation: Separation; Merging; Negative Merging; Identity; Personalization; Rapprochment; Autonomic Regulation; The Will Essence
  • Personal Essence and Essential Aspects: The Mother Aspects of Essence; The Father Aspects of Essence

Book Three - The Development of the Pearl Beyond Price

  • Identity: Ego Versus Being; The Personalization of Essence; The Actualization of Being; Cultural Values
  • The Objective Dimensions of Essence: Being and Ego Deficiency; Origins of Ego Deficiency; Resolution of Ego Deficiency; The Complete Person; Personal Essence and Ego Boundaries; Aloneness
  • The Formless Dimensions of Being: The Impersonal Versus the Personal; Cosmic Consciousness and Individuation; Universal Love and Ego Identity; Oneness and the Person; Transcendence and Embodiment; Nonconceptual Reality and Functioning; Absence; The Nameless; The Absolute

Universal Man: The Diamond Pearl

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