The Unfolding Now

The Unfolding Now

Realizing Your True Nature through the Practice of Presence

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From the Editor’s Preface

The hidden richness that rests in our life, in our heart, in our experience is here—not over there, in some better life, in some other house, in some other career, in some other relationship or country or spiritual school. One time, perhaps, we actually knew that—and then we forgot. From time to time, we are reminded by others of that richness, or we rediscover it ourselves. But over and over, we forget.

When we lose touch with the fullness of who we really are, when we ourselves cannot recognize or appreciate it, when it is invisible to us or seems inaccessible, the knowledge that we are the location and source of what we are seeking is only abstract information, irrelevant to our personal situation. It cannot affect who we are or how we live if we can’t find this richness in our immediate experience, can’t feel it or taste it or sense it directly. In fact, what we find is that most everything in our life works against our turning that knowledge into the currency of personal inner richness.


  1. Loving the Real
  2. Learning to Be Real
  3. Hands Off Your Experience
  4. Making Space for Everything
  5. Opening to Ourselves
  6. Cultivating a Bold Vulnerability
  7. Following Truth to Meaning and Harmony
  8. Finding True Acceptance
  9. Hatred and the Power to Be
  10. Ignorance and Direct Knowing
  11. Freedom from the Filters of the Mind
  12. The Trap of Identification
  13. Lighting Up the Now
  14. A Mercurial Sense of Self
  15. The Personal Thread of Meaning
  16. Being without Mind
  17. To Be and Not to Be
  18. The Preciousness of Each Moment

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