Excerpt About Absolute

Penetrating the Nature of the Absolute

An important feature of the emptiness of these two dimensions of radical nonconceptuality is that it is unobstructed. As we recognize the unobstructedness, we see that there is no obstruction between the ground of awareness and all the forms that manifest within the expanse of awareness, and also that there is no obstruction between one form and another. This insight opens up a whole new way of experiencing things. Penetrating the nature of the absolute invites further realizations, further ways of experiencing that show that pure awareness is the awareness of Total Being and that the absolute reveals that Total Being is the source of everything. From the perspective of the absolute, you see the absolute as the source of everything and also as the mystery of Total Being. But as we investigate more fully, the situation expands and reveals that Total Being can manifest itself and can appear as any of the nondual dimensions, each one of which reveals some of its potential and reality. So pure awareness displays the awareness of Total Being and the absolute conveys its mystery.

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