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Each Form Contains All the Secrets of Reality

It is the dynamism of the absolute’s own emptiness that reveals that the absolute can manifest in ways that are different from how it is usually experienced. The dynamism begins to show not only the relationship of the primordial ground to all the forms that arise within it, but also the relationship of those forms to each other. And as it begins to show the relationship of these forms to each other, we recognize that their relationship to each other is not only that they are all manifestations of the same ground and, therefore, united—which is the view of nondual realization. We realize that is only the beginning of what is implied by that realization. As we further penetrate the emptiness, we begin to see that even though all forms are equal, each form has a unique significance; each form, each particular, contains all the secrets of reality that we have seen in all the aspects or forms of true nature. We see that all forms of experience, and not only the ground of true nature, have implicit in them all of reality. Seeing that each particular is important, which the nondual view neglects to do, ushers in different views of reality that change our understanding of time and space, as we’ve seen in previous chapters.

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