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Acceptance will not be the personality accepting. Acceptance will be Essence coming; it will be like a benediction, a blessing, a gentle rain. The personality cannot accept. It can surrender to the truth of the moment -- which is the same as the stopping of rejection -- surrender and allow what is there to be there without preference and judgment.
Diamond Heart Book II, p. 93   •  discuss »
First, you realize that you are rejecting and pushing, you see it and you don't identify with it, then there is understanding of the rejection and cessation of the rejection. And finally a certain essential state flows that is called "acceptance". It feels like a blessing, a melting, a kind of vulnerability, a kind of non-defensiveness.
Diamond Heart Book III, p. 176177   •  discuss »
Essence is acceptance, not as approval but as a healing agent. It is the spontaneous inner charge and discharge; the cleansing without rejection. When the personality stops because it sees that its activity is painful, it stops through understanding, and not through rejection. In fact, it is not that the personality stops and acceptance comes; they happen at the same time. The letting go of the personality and the washing of Essence are the same process. Your personality and Essence have the same understanding at that moment so they operate together; personality is not rejected but understood with compassion and love. Acceptance is actually an aspect of Essence; it is not an activity.
Diamond Heart Book II, p. 94   •  discuss »
Only when we allow ourselves to see the movement of rejection and allow our understanding to unfold completely does the simultaneous cessation of the movement of rejection and the flow of acceptance happen. Then we regain our confidence and trust in our organism, which is actually a trust in the truth. Seeing and understanding the truth allows this development, because when you completely see the workings of rejection you will feel the suffering and see that our usual way of life doesn't work, it causes suffering.
Diamond Heart Book II, p. 95   •  discuss »
True acceptance doesn’t contain any kind of attitude of rejection. It is not a humiliating, violent throwing up, nor does it bring up any repulsion in the soul. It’s just there. Something arises, and you don’t respond with a moral or preferential invested judgment. You just recognize the feeling or experience for what it is, whether it’s something that feels good or doesn’t feel good. You experience it with presence and awareness. Your sense of satisfaction or contentment doesn’t depend on whether it meets a particular standard that you have set up for your experience.
The Unfolding Now, p. 93   •  discuss »

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