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The Majority of Our Actions are Done by Being
Usually the action of the personality separates our mind from our Being, and then we want to figure out what to do and what not to do. So we are not allowing Being to actually act. Yet it is acting all the time. The majority of our actions are done by Being. If you allow your identity to be Being, you'll see that Being is not separate from the body or even from the mind, instead it is a very nature of the body, the very nature of the body, even the very nature of the personality. In Being there is no boundary, no separation. That means the action is coming from the ground, the source, Being, so it is real doing and involves all levels at once, from the bottom up. It's as if Being radiates from the bottom of a lake and creates a wave that radiates throughout the whole thing. Everything is involved -- mind, body, spirit, emotion -- and is happening in one direction. And that direction, when Being is focused in one place, is what we call essential identity, the essential self.

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