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Alchemy is Hidden by Its Unlikelihood

The human organism is a miniature universe. This is true in so many ways that most people would be completely astounded if they were to see this reality for themselves. The outsider can think of alchemical language only as symbolic, because this is easier to accept than the actual truth of alchemy. So again, alchemy is hidden by its unlikelihood. It is hidden because its truth is unexpected. We are not trying to be mysterious. We are stating the obvious facts in plain language. There are some complications in the matter of alchemical texts because some authors do not really understand the quintessence of alchemy, or they understand it only partially. Some alchemists used some terms symbolically, whereas more knowledgeable ones knew they were not symbolic but literal or parallel. This makes most books about alchemy full of contradictions, which in turn makes it almost useless, if not completely misleading, for most people to read alchemical texts. The individual has to be steeped in the direct knowledge of essential development in order to understand alchemical texts and to see that alchemy is literally the science of inner chemistry, or the science dealing with subtle substances.

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