Excerpt About Alienation

Factors Responsible for the Soul's Alienation from Her True nature

The soul’s alienation from her true nature has been told throughout history through stories and myths, and explained with various religious and metaphysical systems. We will consider here only the factors that we know from direct experience and observation. We will discuss the factors that go into the development of this alienation only briefly since we have discussed these in our previous books in great detail. These myriad factors—some inherent, some common—converge to dissociate the soul from her essence, in various degrees of alienation. The most important are:
1. Inadequacy of early holding environment
2. Caretaker’s narcissistic blindness
3. Extreme impressionability and malleability of the young soul
4. Nature of ego development in relation to the characteristics of the soul’s essence
5. Cognitive immaturity of the young soul
6. Animal potential of the soul
7. Congenital and accidental physical limitations
8. Trauma and abuse

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