Excerpt About Annihilation

Annihilating Mind in Heart
We are now approaching what the poem means by “annihilate mind in heart.” We need the belief in the existence of differentiated feelings to know and to express ourselves. To annihilate mind in heart does not advocate having feelings instead of thoughts. Annihilating mind in heart means going beyond differentiated feelings, which are inseparable from the sense of entityhood, which is itself a feeling differentiated and patterned by the idea of an independently existing entity. To move to the dimension of the night we need to go beyond the experience of ourselves as an entity, which is a mentally determined perception based on the physical. To go into the night requires that we move beyond our normal conceptualizing mind. And without the concepts of this mind, there will be no differentiated feelings. So to annihilate mind in heart is to go to pure feeling, which is beyond the feelings carved out by the conceptualizing mind.

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