Excerpt About Appropriation

Appropriating the Liberating Power of True Nature is not Our Fault

Illumination further reveals that appropriating the liberating power of true nature is not our fault. Delusion is no more a matter of individual fault than awakening is a matter of individual effort. Being deluded, thinking we can do anything—including stepping aside—is an objective fact of being human. And it is one step toward unveiling true illumination. It’s fine to think of it as letting go or surrendering when we are still identified with the view of the little self. But from another perspective, we can see that it is actually true nature illuminating its field, its organ of perception, lighting it up so that it wakes up and sees itself. We continue to see reality through the eyes of identification with a self until the illumination becomes so intense that we cannot help but recognize the truth. And what that truth is can be revealed on any level. We can have an insight about a structure or see the emptiness of our history or recognize what we are in all of its various subtleties or what reality is in its various possibilities.

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