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Arising of Phenomenal Realms from the "Non-Phenomenal"

A certain understanding will unfold in this book, which here we state in summary: In several different traditional systems and philosophies, human beings, along with the rest of creation, are seen to “come out of” or to be manifestations of “higher” realms of Being. In the actual experience of these realms there is not any sense of “higher,” but there are definite perceptions of the phenomenal realm arising from something that can be called “nonphenomenal.” And this coming out is not a random appearance of the various physical, organic and mental phenomena, discontinuous with the other realms, but rather more a structured “unfolding.” There is a pattern to this unfolding, and it reflects the structuring of Being on the level that is called in some traditions the Divine Names, and in others qualities of Essence; in Tantric Buddhism as well as in Taoism there is an appreciation of this structuring of the qualities of creation, and in certain Indian traditions this also may be found.

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