Excerpt About Attachment

Realization of any Condition of Being Gives Rise to Nonattachment

As we realize any condition of being, the condition itself gives rise to nonattachment. That is to say, the more complete the realization is, the less attachment there will be. When that happens, when we are not attached to realization, then the dynamism of true nature is liberated and naturally moves on to something else, revealing possibilities other than even the primordial condition of emptiness and awareness and presence. The dynamism of reality can reveal other kinds of realizations that don’t need to be viewed from the perspective of what is deeper or what is more primordial. When I say that these realizations—whose experiential universe and wisdoms are all different—are freedom and all faces of one truth, I am not saying that all paths lead to the same place. That is not, in fact, true. Rather, each path leads to different realizations, all of which are true.

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