Excerpt About Balance

The Point of Being Human

Human life can be lived with beauty, grace, and dignity. But this refined mode of life is not easy to come by. The point of being human is not to achieve success, riches, comfort, or security. These things may be important or necessary, but only to the grosser side of human life. When there is disharmony or imbalance in one’s consciousness, one’s values tend towards the grosser side of human nature. The refinement of human consciousness requires harmonization and balancing of all the human elements. The more harmony and balance in one’s consciousness and in one’s life, the more it will become a life of beauty, grace, dignity, and efficiency.e are not saying that there is something bad about ordinary human life, nor that one should seek something better. It is a matter of harmonization and balance. The absence of that balance or harmony predisposes us towards certain assumptions, certain expectations of what our lives should be like. Then our consciousness becomes stabilized with the idealizations of certain elements to the exclusion of others, which only leads to more imbalance and disharmony. That is why a consciousness that is not balanced usually does not know how to balance itself, for this consciousness can see things only from an imbalanced perspective. In turn, what this consciousness believes or feels that it needs and wants is determined by that perspective. The consciousness first needs to be balanced and harmonized before it can see what is truly needed.

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