Excerpt About Being as Such

Experiencing Presence as Universal Being,Divine Being or Being-as-Such

Presence is what characterizes true nature and sets it apart from all the other categories of experience that fall within the realm of the ego, which is to say, the ordinary consciousness. The experience of presence negates all the fears and conflicts that the ego habitually engages in. The primary turning point on the path to enlightenment is the realization of oneself as presence. This experience begins the whole process of realization, development, and liberation, which continues until one comes to see that presence is everything, and that everything is presence. When you experience everything as presence, then you are experiencing Universal Being, or Divine Being, or Being-as-such. But whichever way you experience it—personally or universally—the important thing about the experience is the fact of it being presence, an actual beingness. So, I want to discuss briefly what presence means.

Discuss Being as Such

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