Excerpt About Being (Living)

The Profound Question of Ignorance and Delusion

The question of ignorance and delusion is a profound one. Just as it manifests beauty and luminosity and love and goodness, Living Being also manifests ignorance and delusion, which are the bases of suffering, violence, and insensitivity. As we have seen, living our realization requires continual practice. Because of the persistence of our ignorance, practice continues not only before realization, but also after realization. And we have seen how, at some point, practice is not at all separate from realization. Our continual practice illuminates the ignorance and delusion that endure beyond realization. When we investigate our delusions, we can recognize two kinds of ignorance: learned ignorance and innate ignorance. Learned ignorance accumulates throughout our lives, experiences, and developments. All of the self-images, constructs, and precognitive impressions that we explored in the last chapter are the content of learned ignorance. Innate ignorance, on the other hand, is independent of our learning. We come into the world with various forms of innate ignorance. For example, the individual soul is born innately ignorant of the view that Living Being is manifesting through the individual soul.

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