Excerpt About Being / Nonbeing

Recognition of a Truth that is Beyond Being or non-Being

The process of finding the truth continues further: At the final level, objective truth is independent of existence as a whole, independent of all manifestation. It is then what we call absolute truth. That means it is independent of what manifests—of the universe itself. This revelation of absolute truth, which is hard for the mind to conceive of, is the recognition of a truth that is beyond Being or non-Being. So to summarize: I have divided objective truth into four kinds, of increasing depth and subtlety: the relative, the essential, the nonconceptual and the absolute. You can differentiate the kinds of truth in other ways, but that’s one useful way of doing it. And we can say that truth changes according to your situation and perspective. Every perspective has truth, regardless how limited. And this means that it is possible to use a gradual method of investigation that will reveal more truth, deeper truth, more fundamental truth, as the investigation continues. As we have seen, inquiry invites the optimizing dynamism of Being and its guidance, which is its discriminating intelligence. The optimizing force will transform experience from one level to another, and the intelligence will discern the quantic movement of truth through these four levels. So if we follow the truth, the optimizing force will move understanding to deeper dimensions of truth. It will generally go from the relative to the essential, then to the fundamental or nonconceptual, and finally to the absolute.

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