Excerpt About Being Oneself

Mind, Heart and Body are External Manifestations
I exist as me. The mind, the heart, the body, are an external manifestation of me; but I'm the core, the being itself. I am the source and the ground of all of my experience. Only then are my thoughts, actions, and feelings original. Now they have nothing to do with what my mother or father, or even Christ or Buddha, said. To be me does not mean that I'm impersonal, universal light. That is a different experience, and that ocean of light, love, bliss is for me. I'm its flowering. It is in celebration of me, not the other way around. The pleasure, the joy, the love, the enlightenment are for me -- for me as a being. So the being that we truly are is the point of it all, is why there is earth. The reason we are on earth is to be that.

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