Excerpt About Being (Total)

Recognizing that We are Everything and also that We are Nothing

When we know that we are Total Being, we recognize that we are everything and also that we are nothing. We are everything and we are nothing and we can experience those separately, or we can experience that we are everything and that we are nothing at the same time. When I say that we are everything, I don’t simply mean nondual experience. Nondual experience is only one kind of experience. When I say that we are everything, I mean the dual and the nondual and everything else that is neither dual nor nondual. I am sure many of you are scratching your heads right now; and you might be scratching your head for a long time. We are all naturally driven to find out who and what we are. And we must find out. However, this drive to find out who and what we are and what reality is, which is an expression of the enlightenment drive, is intermingled with the obsession to be something. We also want reality to be something, something in particular—even if that something is formless or unknowable. We are obsessed with being something, even if the something is boundlessness or emptiness or nonduality or totality. Even in those conditions, we are still being something. People say, “I’m being absolute reality and am not anything in particular.” But being absolute reality is being something. Being nondual awareness is being something. Even pointing to nondual or pure awareness is pointing toward something.

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