Excerpt About Being (Total)

A Liberating Indeterminacy

We will see as we go on that Total Being is a liberating and mysterious and subtle perspective of reality. As I said, in being anything and in not being anything, we are Total Being, because whatever we are, whatever we are experiencing, is the expression of Total Being. But it’s actually much more than simply being the expression of Total Being, because anything—any particular thing, any experience—is Total Being in its entirety without our necessarily having to perceive Total Being. In other words, we experience Total Being completely no matter what we are experiencing. If we are simply experiencing our body and have the illumination of Total Being, we realize that our body is Total Being and does not exclude anything. We realize our body as Total Being that is everything that is, was, will be and can be—all potential and actuality, in all times and spaces. This is one of the subtle, paradoxical mysteries of the realization of Total Being. Every experience that we have is an expression of Total Being, but Total Being remains always elusive and indeterminate—neither a thing nor a being, but rather a liberating indeterminacy.

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