Excerpt About Being (Total)

Total Being Cannot be defined in any Final or Ultimate Way

Many traditions talk about realization as some kind of condition—a natural condition or primordial condition or absolute condition. The kind of featureless realization that I am describing is a noncondition. There is no one condition that can be isolated and called featureless. All conditions are welcome and available for experience. Whatever condition or experience arises is part of the presentation of Total Being, but Total Being doesn’t need to be defined or limited to any one condition. So Total Being cannot be defined in any final or ultimate way. And this is partly because it can present itself in all of these delineations and all of these definitions. But the experience of Total Being does not have to be that “I am experiencing everything in the universe and reality. I am experiencing all possibilities at once.” Although that might happen, Total Being can also present itself in more subtle ways. At some point, we see that experiencing any presentation of Total Being, any dimension of reality—whether realization or nonrealization—is the experience of Total Being. We have the immediate recognition that being that, experiencing that, whatever that might be, is being Total Being, is being everything.

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