Excerpt About Being (Total)

It is Reality Itself that Organizes and Reorganizes Our Understanding

The realization or the illumination that we are Total Being goes hand in hand with the view of totality, because the view of totality signifies that there are many ways that we can experience realization, many ways that we can experience enlightenment, many ways that we can simply experience. Usually, we believe that our mind has to organize our experience, giving it an order that is stable so that we can feel oriented and secure in the next moment. We don’t trust that reality has its own self-organizing force. But it does—it has been organizing and reorganizing all the time. We think that we have been understanding reality, but it is reality itself that organizes and reorganizes our understanding. We will see as we go on that Total Being is a liberating and mysterious and subtle perspective of reality. As I said, in being anything and in not being anything, we are Total Being, because whatever we are, whatever we are experiencing, is the expression of Total Being. But it’s actually much more than simply being the expression of Total Being because anything—any particular thing, any experience—is Total Being in its entirety without our necessarily having to perceive Total Being. In other words, we experience Total Being completely no matter what we are experiencing. If we are simply experiencing our body and have the illumination of Total Being, we realize that our body is Total Being and does not exclude anything. We realize our body as Total Being that is everything that is, was, will be, and can be—all potential and actuality, in all times and spaces.

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