Excerpt About Belief

Believing we have Plenty of Time to Practice

Given our commitment to seeing what is true, we could earnestly question what gets in our way. One of the important ways that we shirk our responsibility is that we believe we can take our time. We reason, “I’ve got time. I’ll do some now, some tomorrow, some next retreat.” And maybe we do and maybe we don’t. Life in itself, in its aliveness, does not think of time. Life always has time, in some sense. But we know through our experience, through our knowing, that even though life might go on forever, our own life and its particular mode of learning has limited time. None of us knows what that limit is. So if we believe we have time, if we believe we don’t have to put our all into our practice, we are contradicting the force that pulls us to engage in it. Since each of us is drawn in some way by that force, let’s not assume how much time remains or even that there is any time at all. Let’s take each moment as the most precious moment. Let’s take each moment as a moment that might not be followed by another moment. Let’s not assume that this day will be followed by another day. Probability might be on our side, but probability is undependable when it comes to each of us personally.

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