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Absolute Nature Experienced through the Belly Center

What is the absolute nature then, whether we are referring to the unmanifest absolute or the absolute dimension? We have discussed its qualities of stillness, silence, peace, nonbeing, and emptiness. But we can also experience it as an immensity, a solidity and presence. One way of understanding this is to use the notion of the three major centers of subtle physiology, the belly center or hara, the heart center, and the head center. When we experience the absolute through the belly center, we experience it as a solid and immense presence, more substantial than any physical substance.17 We feel we are more fundamental, more basic, than anything else; all manifestation, including the physical world, appears as ephemeral and wispy. Yet, when we sense inside we cannot find anything, there is no sensation of any quality. We are completely empty inside, so empty that our inside is total absence. The full impression is that we are so light and free because we are total absence; yet at the same time we are immense and solid for we are the most fundamental truth. We are both absence and presence, the emptiness of nonbeing and the fullness and solidity of being. Yet the fullness and solidity of being is not another quality added to the emptiness of nonbeing. The solidity feels more like full emptiness, solid absence. We are this solid nothingness, immense and immeasurable, and the universe is simply the glow of its intensity.

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