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Conceptualizing by the Mind Distracts the Heart

The mind, on the other hand, has all kinds of ideas about what ought to fill this deepest emptiness of the heart, what ultimately will bring a final peace. The mind does its work conceptualizing the Beloved, creating many images and forms for the heart to love. These images, ideas, and beliefs that the mind creates in the process of its development distract the heart. The heart loses its way as it begins to long for and pursue the images created by the mind. In our ordinary experience, the heart follows the lead of the mind because we feel we should follow what we know to be true, and we believe it is the mind that knows truth. The heart is what possesses the truth sense, not the mind. The mind can discriminate and know, but it is the heart that ascertains whether it is the truth. Since the Beloved is the Ultimate Truth, only the heart will know it for certain. And since the heart primordially loves the truth, the Ultimate Truth is inherently its deepest Beloved. The heart’s primordial knowing of what will fill its emptiness is intuitive, not conceptual, and usually unconscious. The heart’s vacancy is the chamber where the Guest resides. That is the nature of our heart. Because the heart loses its way we spend a whole life wanting this and wanting that, needing this and needing that, searching for this and searching for that. Every time we acquire a new beloved, whether a person, a career, or a philosophy, for a while the heart believes, “I found it.” After some time and a lot of disappointment and heartache, we realize, “No, that isn’t it. My heart is still not contented.” And everything we find, everything we achieve, everything we love, we eventually discover is not it. The heart remains dissatisfied and the emptiness still gnaws at us.

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