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The Natural Seduction of the Beloved

We make mistakes in our lives and in our relationships. We do our best not to, but we do cause pain sometimes. We also do things that enable people to experience great happiness. The point of practice is to apply in the best way you can what you know of the goodness of being, to learn from it and let it inform you and keep informing you. The truth is that people are going to have reactions to you regardless of how you appear. You can’t avoid that. The more important question is about your own inner integrity. How do you feel in relation to yourself? How do you feel in relation to your inner nature, whether you perceive it as emptiness or the Beloved? And how do you feel in relationship to your Being and the energy that is your life? Are you making yourself available? Your Beloved is trying to seduce you at every moment. The natural seduction of the Beloved wants to take you inward. Within every experience is the Beloved, ready to awaken you, saying, “Here I am—just listen, look . . . and follow me.” Every reaction has within it the original pure energy that will optimize our evolution and our corporeal life. That pure energy is beckoning us. And the more we allow ourselves to be pulled by the One we love, the more that two people can meet as expressions of the One—two organs of perception peering into the vastness of each other’s being. what is possible for one’s individual consciousness is also possible for the blended consciousness of two individuals—but with an amplified and intensified potentiality. Two as one can bring more variation of depth and breadth to the process of realization than is possible on one’s own. You are able to see the Beloved in your partner and see your partner in yourself, like a hall of mirrors into the infinity of the infinite. You become a field of one, sensitive presence with the appearance of two, peering into the endless openness within one another.

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