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The Condition of the Complete Human Being

When these four centers are developed and impregnated with presence, our individual consciousness becomes radiant and functionally refined. The Russian mystic George I. Gurdjieff uses the concept of three centers and refers to them as three brains. Each of these develops a certain way of processing information. Each center is an organ of perception and expression. As living organisms, we have heart, mind, and the body (the belly center), which are all differentiations of our consciousness that are needed for being in the world. They arise in particular ways and are in varying degrees of development in each one of us. We become like a prism for the deepest secret to live its life, refracting the light in specific and individual expressions of that secret for worldly functioning. So you are the secret one living the secret life! Right in front of everyone! This is the condition of the complete human being who is fully in the world of time and space yet not of it. This is the one who is the living, breathing secret name of God. The four centers make you, in a sense, an organ of perception for God. You become the functioning mind, heart, and body of God. Your eyes see with the purity of perception; your ears hear the celestial hum within all of manifest reality; your nose opens to the sublime scents of existence; your fingers touch the texture of reality; you taste the richness in the diversity of life; you walk with the grace of eternity; you move with the totality of your nature. You are the individual consciousness that enables the universe to know and experience itself in varied ways.

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