Excerpt About Boundless Dimensions

Appearance of the World in the Boundless Dimensions
When a boundless dimension manifests, it relocates the consciousness of the soul to a whole different realm of reality, where she experiences herself in the world in a completely new way. All the elements of her world continue to appear, especially the objective ones not constructed by her mind but they begin to appear on a different dimension. So the body, physical reality, emotions, thought, images, actions, essential aspects, and diamond vehicles all continue to appear, but in a different light. They appear explicitly as manifestations of true nature, with the quality and characteristics of the particular boundless dimension. The elements are all grounded in and inseparable from a boundless and infinite field of presence. Therefore, the experience of each of the boundless dimensions includes the perception that all of reality is one. All manifestation is one Reality, unified by the boundless dimension that forms the ground and substance for all forms.

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