Excerpt About Boundless Dimensions

Boundless Dimension of Pure Awareness
Knowing depends on perception; without perception there can be no knowing. Perception is, hence, more fundamental than knowing. Perception involves a capacity for simple awareness, the sensitivity that makes it possible for us to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel … yet the awareness responsible for perception is more fundamental than knowing and cognition. This becomes clear when we experience another boundless dimension of true nature, pure awareness. Pure awareness is again a field: boundless, infinite, and continuous. It is similar to that of pure presence, but without the cognitive element. Since the source of cognition is the knowing of being, pure awareness is not a sense of being. We do not experience it as presence, for the experience of presence involves the concept of being or existence. Since pure awareness is a continuous medium or field, we can say it is presence, but it does not feel like presence because it involves no recognition of being or nonbeing. There is only the pure awareness of manifestation, without knowing of what one is aware.

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