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Dimension of Dynamic Being
However, perception of change and transformation is different on the boundless dimensions than in normal egoic experience, revealing the relation of dynamism to Being or true nature. We understand this relation exactly, precisely, and completely when we experience this dimension of dynamism. Phenomena, both external and internal, appear similarly to the previous three boundless dimensions; but here the characteristics of dynamism and change dominate the experience, giving us the opportunity to experientially understand their relation to Being. The dimension of dynamic being is a boundless dimension, appearing as an indivisible and infinite field of consciousness and presence. All forms, external and internal, appear as forms that this conscious presence assumes. The fact that all forms are basically shapes and colors that Being assumes changes our perception of change and transformation, and our view of such processes. We begin to gain an entirely new and different perspective on all processes that involve time; these processes include not only change and transformation but also development, growth, maturation, evolution, decay, decline, movement, action, behavior, functioning, expression, speaking, thinking, and so on. We begin to understand time – its flow and the origin of this flow. The new perception and understanding are unexpected and exhilarating.

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