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Innocence means no knowing, complete naiveté. It is to be completely naive, as if you’ve never known anything. It is not that your mind is quiet; your mind hasn’t begun. There is consciousness, but prior to knowing. Your brain cells do not have information in them at all. Not only are you not thinking, thoughts are not in the brain cells. A cold wind has passed through your brain cells and cleansed them; they have become translucent. You need to be naive, completely helpless; but in a sense you are not helpless because you do not feel as if there is anything to do. You do not even know whether there is something to do or not do. You don’t even know what that means, to do or not do. Not only do you not know what that means, you haven’t even contemplated the question. You haven’t arrived at the place where you can think there is such a thing as doing. Your mind still hasn’t gotten to the future where there is something in the future that needs to be done. It is absolutely now, so completely now that not only are you in the present, so much now that there isn’t even the feeling that it is the present. You are without even the slightest, the vaguest beginning of an idea of future, or of time.

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