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Ending the Preoccupation with Self-Image

What I’ve just been talking about is written in all the books that deal with the matter of self-image. Buddha says, “You are not your self-image.” “Oh wonderful,” you think, “That’s true, I’m not my self-image. So my big nose really has nothing much to do with who I am. Good. From now on I’ll forget about my nose!” You forget for two hours. Then when somebody is looking at you the only thing you can think is, “Oh God, he thinks my nose is too big!” This person might be completely in love with you and think you’re beautiful, but all you can think about is your nose. So it doesn’t matter what you read, or what Buddha says or what anybody says, if you don’t have the understanding that will eliminate the preoccupation with self-image. The real understanding is something you cannot get from outside. Nobody can give it to you. This is where essence is valuable; it will give you the knowledge and understanding that no one else can. If you deeply investigate the issue of self-image, you’ll come to the essential aspect that corresponds to self-image. When this happens, you will experience essence in a way that has no self-image; instead there will be space, openness, inner spaciousness. This is the essential aspect that was lost when you developed a self-image and believed that the self-image was who you truly are. The self-image always has a boundary—physical, emotional or conceptual. When you experience space, you experience yourself as being without boundaries, without definition, just openness

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