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States of Emotional Attachment are those of Negative-Merging Affect

Understanding the negative-merging affect allows us to see the truth in more of the Buddha's statements; we can understand, for instance, that attachment is suffering. One can see that all states of emotional attachment are those of negative-merging affect. When one feels attached to a love object, whether human or not—not in the sense of feeling love, but in the sense of possession, need and not wanting to let go—the state can be seen as a clear state of negative-merging affect (as well as negative merging itself), covered up with all kinds of ideas, emotional patterns and beliefs. So it is not only that the loss of the object of attachment will bring suffering; the experiential state of attachment, itself, is suffering. It is this state of suffering, of negative-merging affect, that manifests when the object is lost. This explains the spiritual teaching that attachment is suffering, which is somewhat different from what most people believe this truth actually means; the usual belief is that attachment can lead to suffering. This is why most spiritual teachings advocate emotional detachment.

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