Excerpt About Career

Career and quest for meaning

In order to feel that what we are doing is significant, we cling to an ideal, project perfection on the future, and work toward it.

So the quest for significance, for the feeling that the life we are living is worthwhile, is the real basis of all our dreams. When you join a Work group, your ideal might become self-realization. This is still something you are working toward to give you meaning. A career might serve this function for a person, or it can be a relationship, or a lover. It can be a creative or artistic activity or project. Exercising any of one’s capacities—thinking capacities, physical capacities, creative capacities—can serve our quest for meaning.

What I’m talking about is not unusual or hidden. If you ask someone, “What does your career give you?” he is likely to say, “Oh, it gives me excitement, a sense of purpose in my life.” This is what people believe; it is what is accepted in our society.

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