Excerpt About Castration

Men with Exaggerated Masculinity

It is not uncommon that men with exaggerated external phallic identification are covering up an unconscious identification with the vagina. The exaggerated penis is supposed to hide and to distract from the softness and juiciness that is judged by the man’s superego as weak and effeminate. However, under most circumstances, men with exaggerated masculinity, who are trying to exhibit a big and powerful phallus, who put up a facade of toughness, strength, and iron will—in other words, those with the “macho” image—are men who are trying to defend against the genital hole by exaggerating and holding on tightly to the phallic identification. The greater the fear of castration, the greater is the need to defend and exaggerate the phallic image. This is well known in depth psychology. What we are adding here is the connection of the fear of castration to the fear of the genital hole. Whether a man unconsciously identifies with the genital hole or with the phallic defense depends primarily on the circumstances of his early childhood. Those so-called “masculine” men usually have a difficult time experiencing and accepting the genital hole. It brings a lot of fear and humiliation, actually a cataclysmic breakdown in the defensive structure of the personality.

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