Excerpt About Castration

The Phallic Womans' Fear

The phallic man’s fear of the genital hole is exceeded only by the phallic woman’s fear of losing her imaginary penis. The man is afraid because of his unconscious genital hole and because of the childhood oedipal situation. The woman’s fear, on the other hand, is greater, because the threat to her “penis” is greater. Not only does she have an unconscious genital hole, her imagined penis is always threatened by reality. Every time the woman sees her genitals, she can see she has no real penis. So reality itself becomes a great threat; it is always pointing to the genital hole. This insecurity manifests as exaggerated and unrealistic competition with men, and all kinds of attempts, conscious and unconscious, to cut them down to size, that is, to castrate them. Such phallic women usually despise and reject the passive feminine woman because she is a reminder of their greatest fear. These women hold on to their phallic identifications for dear life. Space is fought and defended against.

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