Excerpt About Citadel

Support for the State of Inadequacy

While the aspect of the Citadel gives one a sense of solid support and formidable protection, one feels it is okay to be. The presence of this aspect gives one the feeling of being grown up, able to take care of oneself and live one’s life the way one chooses, in a real, undefensive manner. As far as we can tell, this aspect seems not to be available in early childhood, which might partly account for the fact that, in the process of cathecting the body, Being is decathected. This point needs more exploration, but this aspect does feel like such an immense and solid sense of presence that it is difficult to imagine the toddler’s organism being able to embody it. When the Citadel aspect is present, it gives the individual the possibility of looking at ego inadequacy in an objective and unemotional way. One feels so supported that the state of inadequacy loses its threatening property. The Citadel gives one a sense of solidity and support, with no grandiose ideas. One is clearly aware that it is an essential presence, and not a physical or mental power, that it is a support for Being and not for ego.

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