Excerpt About Commitment

Will is Needed for Total Commitment

The will is needed to get to that state of total commitment. At the beginning, you need to commit yourself a lot. When there’s belief or some intuition that gives you faith, you can commit yourself; yet you need will and strength to continue. When you know more, you still need your will, but only because there are still barriers. The barriers are there because the knowledge is not complete. When the knowledge is complete, there are no barriers and no need for will. You don’t need to will your essence to be there; it’s just there. Commitment is essentially dedication, bringing yourself closer to what you want to do. You use will to push yourself closer to what you want, to your aim. We say that at the essential level there is no such thing as faith; there is only knowledge. It is the same thing with commitment: In Essence, there is no such thing as commitment. There’s just being. When you are your essence, you are not committed to yourself; you are yourself.

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