Excerpt About Commitment

Commitment on the Journey of Inquiry

So what does commitment mean on the journey of inquiry? Commitment means that when you sign on, you intend to continue. This is needed to begin the process, and the farther we travel, the more we recognize that our commitment must deepen and expand for the journey to continue. It needs to get more solid to handle the various difficulties, barriers, and distractions that happen along the way. These distractions, which originate from our thoughts and emotions, from people around us, and from circumstances in our life in the world, can take us off course. Having a particular destination tends to motivate you; hence it is easier to commit yourself to the process. But if your aim is to pursue the truth without deciding beforehand what that truth should be, then commitment is more difficult. This commitment to inquire manifests as a determination and a persistence in the openness, which support you in inquiring into and discerning the truth as fully and precisely as possible. So this commitment to the truth means that you’re not going to quit. You’re not going to jump ship when things get tough.

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