Excerpt About Compassion

Levels of Compassion
In the beginning people take compassion to mean the feeling of wanting to alleviate the person’s pain or take it away from them. That’s usually what people think compassion is. A deeper level of compassion is, of course, taking action whether you feel inclined to or not. The third level of compassion could include hurting somebody else, or not taking their pain away when you see it. If you take their pain away they won’t learn something. Sometimes they need the pain, in order to learn something about themselves. They might not even learn about compassion, because the way to learn about compassion is to experience hurt. Now if you take people’s hurt away, they won’t learn how to be compassionate themselves. The most objective compassion has to do with truth. The point is the truth; whether the person feels hurt or doesn’t feel hurt is immaterial. The point is truth, the golden truth.

Discuss Compassion

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