Excerpt About Completeness

Pure Presence is a State of Completeness

Pure presence is a state of completeness. It is a simple and pure condition that has no excitement, no drama, and makes no big deal about anything. It is the simplicity of fully being oneself. It is being, without any movement out of the completeness and serenity of being. There is no gap in one’s identity, in one’s sense of oneself; in this condition there is no deficiency, no need, no want, no desire, and no fear. This completeness is not arrived at by completing a process or a project; true nature is eternally complete. It is so complete that there is no excitement about the completeness. It is so complete that there is absolutely no seeking, no looking somewhere else, not even an interest in being aware of the completeness. It is so complete that there is no inner gap that would motivate the soul to even look inward to see the completeness. There is no waiting for anything, no anticipation. When the soul is established in the state of completeness, divine love arises spontaneously, as the only action completeness can take. Pure being is so perfectly complete that it does not arise out of itself to do anything. Its implicit contentment manifests as an outflow of divine love with all of its qualities.

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