Excerpt About Completeness

Completely Abiding as Your Nature
When you feel an essential aspect fully, you usually do not feel that something is missing. For instance, if you are feeling love fully—the Pink aspect—you are not usually missing anything else. The aspect is complete in itself. But there is no sense or specific affect of completeness. There is no feeling of incompleteness, but there is no feeling of completeness either. By contrast, with Brilliancy there is a very specific and delineated experience of being complete. Therefore, from this insight or wisdom, we recognize that completeness does not happen by putting things together; it is not a matter of collecting all the perfections of your Being and combining them. Completeness arises by integrating the aspect of completeness into your soul. The experience is: Your presence is completely filled, continuous—with no interruption all the way through—with the presence of completeness. Completeness means that you have not moved away from the totality of yourself in any way; there is no duality whatsoever. You are completely abiding as your nature.

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