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Inquiry Requires Us to be Intimately in Contact with Our Experience

The belief that one needs to be outside of one’s experience is due to the dilemma that most individuals feel caught in. They do not know how to be objective and detached without being distant from experience. However, if we distance ourselves from experience, we cannot inquire into, cannot read, our soul. For inquiry to happen and be guided by the guidance of Being, we need to be intimately in contact with our experience. We need to be intimately in touch with our feelings, sensations, thoughts, impulses, reactions, actions, ideas. We need not only to know they are there, but also to feel their texture. We want to have as much input as possible, which means that we need to be totally immersed in the experience in such a way that we fully experience it and feel it. We need to be completely in the middle of it so that we can feel all its nuances.

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