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Loss of Contact with Our Inner Depths

If we consider common expressions like “he lost his soul” and “she sold her soul” metaphorically rather than literally, we recognize in them a wisdom about the true condition of self and soul. Even though we are considering the soul as what the human being actually is, and therefore as not subject to being lost, we see that there can be meaning in the notion of losing the soul. For the self to lose its soul, or not to have soul, can mean to become superficial, to lose or be without the depth and substance that is possible for an individual, the source of moral and spiritual strength and character. We can see this in the term soulful, which we normally use to describe someone with a depth of feeling or a sense of inner richness. In other words, to lose one’s soul means to lose contact with the inner depth and richness of being human. This understanding refers back to the classical and Socratic Western understanding of soul, in which the surface self and the inner spiritual richness are seen to be two levels of the same reality, which is our human subjectivity. Generally speaking, the common expressions we mention above are meant and taken relatively. There are degrees of loss of soul, degrees of alienation from the spiritual depths of the human soul.

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