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When Heart-to-Heart Contact is Missing
When you are yourself, your personal beingness, then and only then is it possible to treat other people as people, as humans in a personal way. Then they are no longer objects to you. When you are yourself in this way, it is possible to have personal contact with others. When you are not yourself, when you are the personality of ego, the personality is a barrier between you and the other. Or, if you are the universal aspect, you also cannot make personal contact with someone else. You can envelope them in the universal way, you can be open with them, but that person-to-person, being to being, heart to heart contact is missing. Some place in the heart of the other person is not touched, and there is no personal meeting. Regardless of how much you love the person, have compassion for him, or want to help him, if you are not personal in your contact, he will not feel met. The personal contact establishes trust.

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