Excerpt About Contentment

Where Beauty and Fulfillment is Beyond Human Imagination
People actually think they can achieve contentment, love, happiness, by getting this or that; they want the right kind of body, the right kind of lover, the right house. When you see what you can experience in the realm of Essence, you see that these things are peanuts. Absolutely nothing. It’s a degradation of human life to prefer these things over what is possible for Essence. When you align yourself with the truth, then beauty, majesty, nobility, fullness, pleasure, joy, love are all available to you. The more you see your Essence, the more you see that what you wanted before was nothing, completely nothing. When you get deeper and deeper into your Essence, you enter into the universal levels of essential reality, where the beauty and the fulfillment and the possibility is beyond the human imagination. There is no way for the mind to grasp it.

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