Excerpt About Contraction

Contraction is a Springboard for the Activity of Ego

The feeling of negative merging or the tiny strands of contraction are felt as harshness, as if there were sand on the nerves, a prickliness. That is the contraction when it is felt on the deepest level, and is not covered by the level which is felt as a smoothing out or as dullness. And the moment you want to do something, the moment there is the slightest ego intention, the subtlest activity, it brings these tiny strands together, increasing the tension, compacting them. As they are compacted, more of that contraction results. So after a while you have a big tension somewhere in your body, and from this you react. Without this tension, you cannot take any ego action. This is because there is actually nothing underneath the ego. So the ego has to amass this contraction in order to take action. The solid contraction is a springboard for the activity of ego. This is where you come from when you act from personality: a solidification and intensification of the contraction that is already there. This is why the ego cannot take an action of any sort that we could call surrender or letting go or acceptance.

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